Application of Mobile Agent

Mobile agent technology facilitates intelligent operation in software system with less human interaction. Major challenge to deployment of mobile agents and preventing unauthorized access to resources between interacting systems, as either hosts, or agents, or both can act maliciously. A Secure mobile agent system, handles the transmission and secure management of mobile agents in a heterogeneous distributed computing environment. It provides users with the option of incorporating their security managers.
Security infrastructure is critical for any system for providing the end-user the quality of service. The need for security in mobile paradigm is overwhelming because of its various application in commercial world. We consider a study of various policies and issues regarding the security architecture that are to be consideredin the design of mobile systems so that they can be visualized in the commercial arena.
This also presents the Agent pattern, a design pattern useful to develop dynamic and distributed applications. The Agent pattern provides a clean and easy way to develop agent-based applications, mainly in open and large-scale distributed environments such as the Internet and application areas such as Electronic Commerce.

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