Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0)

Think about all of the information that people access on the Web on a day-to-day basis: news headlines, search results, “What’s New”, job vacancies, and so forth whose content changes on an unpredictable schedule. A large amount of this content can be thought of as a list.
Most people need to track a number of these lists, to see if there is any new content. But this becomes difficult once if there are more than a handful of sources. This is because they have to go to each page, load it, remember how it’s formatted, and find where they last left off in the list.
Email notification of changes was an early solution to this problem. Unfortunately, when people receive email notifications from multiple websites they are usually disorganized and can get overwhelming, and are often mistaken for spam. RSS is a better way to be notified of new and changed content. Notifications of changes to multiple websites are handled easily, and the results are presented to people in well organized and distinct from email.