Challenges & potential in Mob Comp

As we know the field of mobile computing is as broad as traditional computer. The costumer wants from technology expecting the same convenience and computing power in mobile device as same as computer on desk. For the people lending to think and work in the places other than desks, mobile computing allows them to use computer where ever they needed not where it is tied by wire and most popular example of this is Laptop.The mobile computing is simply defined as a computing device which can communicate through a wireless channel. The explosion in mobile computing has been made possible through the continued advancement of certain key technological areas. It is possible to evaluate the past successes, current trends and future opportunities by considering the following areas. First we need to consider the relationship between mobility, portability, human ergonomics and cost, e.g. in order to make a device portable it must be small and lightweight which preclude the hard drive and keyboard design. The second thing that is a fundamental requirement of today’s computer network connectivity. This mostly implies the radio-frequency wireless communication for mobile devices. And the third and most important are the power consideration of mobile computer. Mobility implies reliance on mobile portable power source in the form of battery. The parts of the mobile devices are power-efficient because the power available from a battery is closely related to its size and weight. As expected that the power of battery is not increased more than 30% in future[3], power efficiency is the fundamental technology.
Also we are must be aware of What is really about mobile computing? The computer are smaller and bit travel by wireless rather Ethernet. How can this possibly make any difference? Isn’t a mobile system merely a special case of a distributed system? Are there any new and deep issues to be investigated, or is mobile computing just the latest fad?All answer of above questions are there in the report which is in three parts: a characteristics of the essence of mobile computing; a brief summary of result obtained in the context of the Coda and Odyssey system; and a guided tour of fertile research topics awaiting investigation.

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