Smart Personal Object Technology

The Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) Initiative, aimed at improving the function Smart Personal Objects of everyday objects through the injection of software.Technology makes everyday objects such as wristwatches, alarm clocks, and key chains, better at what they do. These information delivery devices can now provide high-value, personalized information that is time, location and context relevant. Enriching their functions in this way makes life easier for you, and with better communication.
Smart wristwatches, the first devices in the category, will be available in fall of 2003. Get what you need—when you need it. Just select the information you care about and your watch will do the rest. Let your watch intelligently filter information like sports scores, stock quotes, and weather for timely updates.
Smart enough to give you the time—and a whole lot more. Keep accurate local time wherever you are with automatic time zone updates. Time-sensitive data like traffic reports and news are delivered in when you need them. Private and personal. Your watch discretely delivers instant personal messages. A subtle vibration or quick glance at the screen alerts you to a message received. Downloadable watch faces complement your personal style and mood!